Today, Beutler HVAC is now Villara Systems!  Our name officially was changed the sixth of April, and the 90 day transition period has passed, so it is finally official.  We have been through a lot of difficulties, and we would like to share our story of how a solution was found.

It was more than five years ago, in 2010, that the recession had taken its greatest tole on the company, so it was in our best interest to find a buy out option at that point.  After much consideration, we sold the part that included our residential paid service and replacement business– including the use of the name Beutler.

Eventually, we needed to make business work out for ourselves the hard way, as our remaining business as contract installers was waning as the national company who bought part of Beutler had begun to create their own installation team.  In addition, we found that the name was no longer positive amongst the community due to others using it, so we decided to renovate and reinvent.

We are now Villara Systems and we are back better than ever, specializing in HVAC and more.