Who is Villara Systems?  We feel that this is the best time to share our 68 year history with you, and where we want to go in our next 68 years.

Our work began close to 60 years ago in 1947, as a modest family business that worked in sheet metal contracting, based out of Del Beutler’s home work shop in Carmichael.  Today, while we are not a single family company anymore, is still made of conglomerate families.  We now operate out of 5 different locations throughout Northern California, with occasional jobs throughout the whole state, with over six hundred employees.

Almost five years ago we were in the middle of the worst recession anyone has seen since the last depression the century before, and unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse.  After that, Beutler decided that something had to be done to save the company.  We were eventually bought out by a national company in order to survive the recession.  At first, for a few years, we had a positive business relationship with ARS that was mutually rewarding: we were their contract installer; they were the paid service and sales agency.  However, after that time they built their own installation team, and our daily relationship waned.

This was because the ARS installation team was using the Beutler name as we were, but did not provide the deliver the same quality products and services up to standards with others like furnace repair Chesapeake.  Many customers would also inform us, with an upset expression, that these other guys charged them more than what was expected.  While our 5 year no compete agreement is about to expire, the agreement prevents us from ever providing these services to our post-warranty home owners under the “Beutler” name, so we changed our name so we could start offering these important services again in July of this year.

We chose the name Villara Building Systems.  Our new tag-line is building people, building trust.  Sure, Villara is made up of excellent people who know about the nuances of building, but there is a double meaning to “building people” here too.  When we set out to do an HVAC job well for you, we also set out to create positive and lasting relationships within the community.

Villara has come a long way since its beginning in metal work.  We still do sheet metal now, but take care of a wide range of needs for the single family and multi-family residential, commercial, new construction, and replacement markets.  We do sheet metal, HVAC, heating, cooling, residential plumbing, and fire sprinkler systems.  We even manufacture our own unique air conditioners and climate control systems, such as AquaChill, ZTE zoning, and SmartVent systems.  For more variety in different brand knowledge, consult lansinghvacs.com – carrier, trane, mitsubishi, goodman, ducane furnaces.

Villara Building Systems is quickly growing into Southern California’s leading provider in trustworthy services to get your residential and commercial areas whipped up into habitable shape.  When you call, one of our team members will be there to pick up the phone and talk to you.  Don’t hesitate to give home cooling or heat a try and get started today.